Sep 29, 2009

Our friends at Axial have posted some of the t-shirt designs we have finished for them just recently. By the looks of their photo shoot, I wish all our clients would model the shirts we design for them. Then we could claim to have the best looking clients in the world. As of right now, most of them just have good personalities. Don't worry though, your mom still thinks your cute.

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Crossroads 2

Sep 11, 2009

Dan was able to take some time out of his busy day to run over and snap off a few shots of the 2nd Crossroads Tradeshow of the year. As always, it was fun to see some of the booths and the people attending the show.

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Design Update

Jul 17, 2009

We ran across some of our new helmet designs for SHIFT MX. It's always fun to see some of your designs finally go to production. These particular designs were created almost a year ago. Helmet and gear design takes alot longer to make it to market than other products we work on.



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More Products

May 12, 2009

Nice... Finally, longer days are upon us. We have more light and warmer days to shake off the Winter blues and focus on Summer activities. Skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing are just a few that come to mind. You just gotta love Summer time. Not that Winter is all that bad in the first place, here in sunny San Diego.


We thought we give you a peak at some of our lastest designs that our clients have sent us. Skatedeck designs, skate trucks, campaign design, and more...

Birdhouse Skateboard Graphics

Birdhouse Skateboard Graphics

News Image 000196News Image 000197News Image 000198News Image 000199Element T-shirt Design

Element T-shirt Design

News Image 000201Marine Corps Recruiting Depot (MCRD) Bootcamp Challenge 2009 - Campaign Design

Marine Corps Recruiting Depot (MCRD) Bootcamp Challenge 2009 - Campaign Design

Shift Racing - Street Bike Jacket Graphics

Shift Racing - Street Bike Jacket Graphics

News Image 000204News Image 000205News Image 000206News Image 000207News Image 000208News Image 000209Tensor Trucks - Truck Graphics

Tensor Trucks - Truck Graphics

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Flow Snowboards

Apr 08, 2009

Flow Snowboards asked us to come visit with them for their annual company meeting up in Mammoth Mountain this year. As you can assume, we were more than happy to oblige. It was a pleasure to see how they go about introducing their new products to the team riders and international sales reps. It's a very casual experience that is open to liberal discussion and new creative ideas. During the meeting, the president of Flow introduced us as the new design team who will be developing the new Flow Snowboards logo and several of their board graphics. After the meeting was officially over, we met with several of their pro riders (Antti Autti, Scotty Lago, Clare Bidez) to discuss their new deck graphics. We ended the night at Clocktower Cellar and over a round of beers.


Next day started out on the hill. Expecting to have Spring conditions, we were stoked to see white fluffy stuff lightly falling from the sky. We wrapped up the day with white-out conditions and more than a handful of tree runs under our belts. We then went home. God, I love my job. :)

News Image 000181Flow Snowboards new product meeting.

Flow Snowboards new product meeting.

Dan and Brandon

Dan and Brandon

Hmmm... Which one to ride???

Hmmm... Which one to ride???

News Image 000185News Image 000186News Image 000187News Image 000188Our ride.

Our ride.

Did someone say snow?

Did someone say snow?

News Image 000191News Image 000192News Image 000193Two days   not enough sleep = Done.

Two days not enough sleep = Done.