Sep 22, 2010

Yae.. We're on Facebook. Woohoo. :(

So the darkside has finally taken over. We are now on Facebook and as you can see we are extatic!!! Yae... Check us out. We'll be updating our Facebook profile a little more frequent than our website. It's just easier. Plus, as you can see our leo-tards are just fantastical.

News Image 000671

La Mesa Car Show 2010

Aug 26, 2010

Lucky us... Since we moved our office, we've been fortunate enough to enjoy some dope, old school cars outside our office windows all Summer long. Since this is the last week they are holding the Classic Car show in La Mesa, we decided to go down and snap some pics. I think I had to wipe the drool from my mouth a few times. Some of these cars are off the hook.

News Image 000623News Image 000624News Image 000625News Image 000626News Image 000627News Image 000628News Image 000629News Image 000630News Image 000631News Image 000632News Image 000633News Image 000634News Image 000635News Image 000636News Image 000637News Image 000638News Image 000639News Image 000640News Image 000641News Image 000642News Image 000643News Image 000644News Image 000645News Image 000646News Image 000647News Image 000648News Image 000649News Image 000650News Image 000651News Image 000652News Image 000653News Image 000654News Image 000655News Image 000656News Image 000657News Image 000658News Image 000659News Image 000660News Image 000661News Image 000662News Image 000663News Image 000664News Image 000665News Image 000666News Image 000667News Image 000668News Image 000669News Image 000670

Magic Tradeshow 2010

Aug 19, 2010

Well, we finally made it out to Vegas for the Magic Tradeshow. It was a quick and dirty trip but fun none-the-less. We hooked up with some of our clients from Famous, Grenade and Untamed Ind. So much to look at... Here's some of what we saw.

Grafitti has gone digital

Grafitti has gone digital

News Image 000582News Image 000583News Image 000584News Image 000585News Image 000586News Image 000587News Image 000588All real wood sunglasses

All real wood sunglasses

News Image 000590You really shouldn't smoke. Makes your teeth yellow

You really shouldn't smoke. Makes your teeth yellow

News Image 000592News Image 000593News Image 000594News Image 000595News Image 000596News Image 000597News Image 000598News Image 000599News Image 000600Phat Rims. Ya, with a "PH"

Phat Rims. Ya, with a "PH"

News Image 000602News Image 000603News Image 000604News Image 000605News Image 000606News Image 000607News Image 000608Hmmm... That logo looks familiar. Just can't remember where I've seen that before?

Hmmm... That logo looks familiar. Just can't remember where I've seen that before?

News Image 000610You guys don't intimidate me... Want some of dis?

You guys don't intimidate me... Want some of dis?

Less talk, more dance...

Less talk, more dance...

News Image 000613Mom, why do you lie to me???

Mom, why do you lie to me???

News Image 000615News Image 000616"Ow.. ow..Ow..Ohh.. Ow... Ow..."

"Ow.. ow..Ow..Ohh.. Ow... Ow..."

This is WAR (MX)

This is WAR (MX)

News Image 000619News Image 000620News Image 000621News Image 000622

ASR 2010

Aug 13, 2010

ASR has come to San Diego and went. Here are some pics from one our yearly events.

News Image 000541News Image 000542News Image 000543News Image 000544News Image 000545News Image 000546News Image 000547News Image 000548News Image 000549News Image 000550News Image 000551News Image 000552News Image 000553News Image 000554News Image 000555News Image 000556News Image 000557News Image 000558News Image 000559News Image 000560News Image 000561News Image 000562News Image 000563News Image 000564News Image 000565News Image 000566News Image 000567News Image 000568News Image 000569News Image 000570News Image 000571News Image 000572News Image 000573News Image 000574News Image 000575News Image 000576News Image 000577News Image 000578News Image 000579News Image 000580

Comic Con 2010

Jul 21, 2010

Comicon 2010 is back and we decided to make another visit. It's crazy how this tradeshow cannot ever get old. You walk from one booth to another and inbetween that 2 foot walk you are hit with a hundred different cool visuals. On top of that, everything is the best of the best. Amazing art and a good time in general. Visual overload. Just make sure you don't get your eye poked out in the process. ;)

News Image 000512News Image 000513News Image 000514News Image 000515News Image 000516News Image 000517News Image 000518News Image 000519News Image 000520News Image 000521News Image 000522News Image 000523News Image 000524News Image 000525News Image 000526News Image 000527News Image 000528News Image 000529News Image 000530News Image 000531News Image 000532News Image 000533News Image 000534News Image 000535News Image 000536News Image 000537News Image 000538News Image 000539News Image 000540News Image 000429News Image 000430News Image 000431News Image 000432News Image 000433News Image 000434News Image 000435News Image 000436News Image 000437News Image 000438News Image 000439Sgt. Slaughter?!? Hell ya!

Sgt. Slaughter?!? Hell ya!

No wonder why Cobra always lost

No wonder why Cobra always lost

News Image 000442News Image 000443News Image 000444News Image 000445News Image 000446News Image 000447News Image 000448News Image 000449Multi-pass??


News Image 000451News Image 000452News Image 000453News Image 000454News Image 000455News Image 000456News Image 000457News Image 000458News Image 000459News Image 000460News Image 000461News Image 000462News Image 000463News Image 000464News Image 000465News Image 000466News Image 000467News Image 000468News Image 000469News Image 000470News Image 000471News Image 000472News Image 000473News Image 000474News Image 000475News Image 000476News Image 000477News Image 000478News Image 000479News Image 000480News Image 000481News Image 000482News Image 000483News Image 000484News Image 000485News Image 000486News Image 000487News Image 000488News Image 000489News Image 000490News Image 000491News Image 000492News Image 000493News Image 000494News Image 000495News Image 000496News Image 000497News Image 000498News Image 000499News Image 000500News Image 000501News Image 000502News Image 000503News Image 000504News Image 000505News Image 000506News Image 000507News Image 000508News Image 000509News Image 000510News Image 000511