Simple Sessions

Feb 27, 2014

Check out some of the new board designs from Soup. Lutzka took the win while Sheckler placed 4th in a dope contest from Estonia.

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Frosty Fridays

Feb 26, 2014

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Nimbus Brown Ale

Dan: Packaging is great, dig the monkey man. Beer was okay.
Hill: The beer’s general presentation was pretty sloppy but it didn’t taste bad. Time to monkey around.
Brandon: Out of office.
Damasso: That Packaging is horrible, which usually means it’s some BOMB beer! Give it here.
Dustin: There is a naked monkey on the!
Raul: I don’t even know what to say about this beer, the packaging speaks for itself.
Myles: A barrel of monkeys and tastes of funkies, tells me this beer is foul. The Nimbus is rank, but still I drank, and now my stomach will growl.
John: A ape ale a day keeps the doctor away!

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Vegas X Agenda 2014

Feb 19, 2014

Viva Las Vegas! SoupGraphix heads out to the city that never sleeps to check out 3 trade shows, sight seeing, gambling, and good times. 8 artists…3 days…1 RV…

News Image 002062 Vegasagenda20141News Image 002063 Vegasagenda20142News Image 002064 Vegasagenda20143News Image 002065 Vegasagenda20144News Image 002066 Vegasagenda20145News Image 002067 Vegasagenda20146News Image 002068 Vegasagenda20147News Image 002099 Vegas20141News Image 002069 Vegasagenda20148News Image 002070 Vegasagenda20149News Image 002071 Vegasagenda201410News Image 002072 Vegasagenda201411News Image 002073 Vegasagenda201412News Image 002074 Vegasagenda201413News Image 002075 Vegasagenda201414News Image 002076 Vegasagenda201415News Image 002079 Vegasagenda201418News Image 002078 Vegasagenda201417News Image 002080 Vegasagenda201419News Image 002081 Vegasagenda201420News Image 002082 Vegasagenda201421News Image 002083 Vegasagenda201422News Image 002084 Vegasagenda201423News Image 002085 Vegasagenda201424News Image 002086 Vegasagenda201425News Image 002087 Vegasagenda201426News Image 002088 Vegasagenda201427News Image 002089 Vegasagenda201428News Image 002090 Vegasagenda201429News Image 002091 Vegasagenda201430News Image 002093 Vegasagenda201432News Image 002094 Vegasagenda201433News Image 002095 Vegasagenda201434News Image 002101 Vegas20143News Image 002096 Vegasagenda201435

Nike Studio Poster Show

Feb 15, 2014

Check out some of Soups work in Nikes latest Poster Show.

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Frosty Fridays

Feb 14, 2014

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Leffe Belgian Ale

Dan: Dirty French.
Hill: Out of office
Brandon: Fancy stuff, has a bit of a caramel flavor goin on. I wouldn’t think it to be something I would like but it is actually pretty good
Damasso: The Original Belgian Abbey Ale... Need I say more?
Dustin: Beer + Champaigne = Leffe. NASTY
Raul: At first glance, I thought it would be the beer of all beers, looks chocolatey, too bad it wasn’t so polite pass bro! Ill just stick to koolaid.
Myles: Pepe Le Pew drinks a brew with a great sense of delight. The taste of his Leffe gives a heart warming breath, that makes a dark day seem bright.
John: Tasty brew! Quite sweet. Good for a couple but couldn’t drink them all night.

News Image 002060 Frostyfridayleffe