Tony Hawk HD

Dec 14, 2011

Tony Hawk's New Game Featuring SoupGraphix Skateboard Design

Check out this trailer for Tony Hawk's new video game featuring SoupGraphix's deck design graphic.

Click Here to See it Action

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The Snake Pit

Dec 14, 2011

Soup's Snake Pit

We finally finished our albino boa's snake pit pimp palace.

We converted a rarely used table top in the middle of our office to a snake pit. It turned out a bit better than we thought it would.

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Ken Block Story Boards

Dec 08, 2011

Watch as Ken Block takes to the streets of Los Angeles.

SoupGraphix was asked to create the story boards for Ken Block's new "Behind the Scenes" video. There are a few similarities from what we illustrated and what actually made the cut but some of it's still in there. Take a look:

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World of Board Graphics

Nov 07, 2011

Check out our work that was published in "Inside the World of Board Graphics" This is a pretty cool 220 page hardback book filled with a ton of inspiration. 

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Agenda Tradeshow 2011

Aug 04, 2011

Soup Visits Agenda Tradeshow & The US Open of Surfing

Soup visits the Agenda tradeshow in Los Angeles. Lots to see and not enough time to see it all. Here's a taste of what we saw.

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