2014 Comic-Con

Jul 29, 2014

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Frosty Fridays

Jul 25, 2014

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Red Stripe Jamaican Style Lager

Dan: Dirty Red Stripe, had it before, not much to say.
Hill: Eh Mon, you be rollin’ up a good one wit de Red Stripe. Puff puff give me another one of deezz.
Brandon: A descent lager. Small weird bottle makes it kinda fun.
Damasso: ....
Dustin: Bumbaclot Red Stripe. I & I are down for the cause.
Raul: Pretty generic looking, nothing special. I guess its a cool minimalist choice if that’s what your into.
Myles: Good tasting brew, kinda similar to most other Lagers, but the bottling is pretty sweet, JAH FEEL?

News Image 002271 Redstripebeer

New Family Member : Mighty Short

Jul 22, 2014

Soup is hyped to announce its newest addition to the team, Mighty Short! Scroll down to check some of his past work.

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Harley-Davidson San Diego

Jul 19, 2014

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Frosty Fridays

Jul 18, 2014

SoupGraphix Beer Review Every Friday.

Beer Name: Alt-Bier Ale by Hangar 24 Brewery

Dan: Boring, same old taste, swear we’ve had this before.
Hill: This beer had an early bite to it but after that, it was easy drinkin’. It’s a good try but I don’t think I would consistently buy this one.
Brandon: Another good beer from Hanger 24!
Damasso: ‘Twas a GOOD one! I have to thank this beer in advance, cus it’ll get me through some thirsty times.
Dustin: Solid beer, but Im over the aviator theme.
Raul: Really liking the overall look on this brew. Feel like we’ve had similar ones through the office but still appealing bro!
Myles: Wasn’t here to try it, but the packaging is on point!

News Image 002260 Frostyfridayaltbier